La Enana Marron (Madrid)

Address: Travesía de San Mateo, 8 / 28004 Madrid / Spain
Tel: +34 91 308 14 97
Email: laenanamarron at
Contact: David Reznak

1 screen, 60 seats

Tech: 35mm, 16mm, super-8, video

History: In October of 1999 we inaugurate La Enana Marrón, this theatre wants to be a meeting point of independent and experimental tendencies, national or foreign unknown in Spain.
This cinema includes a 35 mm, 16 mm and super8 projectors, where we screen personal cinema, sometimes artisan, always outside of commercial circuits.
The premieres of unknown films alternates with thematic programmes, retrospectives of avant-garde’s not seen in the screens of our city. It’s the only theatre in Madrid that offers independent programmes that are national premieres, of shorts, features, documentaries and fictions in all cinematographic formats.
The direct exchange of the spectator with someone linked to the presented piece (programmer, director, actor,.. etc.) and the exhibitions about the film programmed are our proposal to try to break with the classic model of a theatre were one comes, see and goes.

Organisational structure: Non lucrative cultural association.

Editorial Line: Independenpent, experimental , non seen in spain-madrid, shorts, longs of any genre

Regularity: Four days a week, 10 months a year

Other stuff: Round tables, performance and installations that involve film or are about cinema.

Publicity: Web, mailing, publish 5000 monthly programs that are spread in the city…

Around 20 spectators per pass

Funding: City of Madrid, Minister of culture, Community of Madrid, occasionally embassies and foreign institutions.

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