Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris)

Address#1: 18 rue Henri Barbusse/ 94110 Arcueil / France
Address#2: Cinéma La Clef / 21 rue de la Clef / 75005 Paris / France
Tel: +33 (0)8 92 68 03 77 (La Clef) / +33 (0)983390959 (office)
Email: / distribution at / daphnecjc at
Contact: Laurence Rebouillon (president), Gabrielle Reiner (Regular screenings), Daphne Heretakis (Festival), Julia Gouin (Administrator) (Selected films online)

1 screen, 120 seats (La Clef)

Tech:In ‘La Clef’, we can screen : Super8, 16mm and 35mm, dv, dvd, beta sp, hard drives
In ‘MdO’ : All formats excepted 35mm.

History: The cinema La Clef is an independent venue, classified as “Art & Essai”. It’s a cultural center that allows us to accompany our screenings with debates, dialogue and have an exchange with the public. In this theater, the screen location provides a medium stage that permits performance, lectures, concerts… La Clef is still a place allocated for the activities of Bank employees of the Caisse d’Epargne. La Clef also hosts the Cinema Images d’Ailleurs dedicated to documentaries and activist cinema MdO is a cultural establishment based in St Ouen, in the north suburb of Paris, france. In this offical alternative center, one may can find artists & creators in residence, a large stage for concert, 2 wide spaces (ex-gymnasium) dedicated to dramatic art & dance, 10 repetition rooms for musicians, a large hall for art exhibition, a restaurant bar that can be investigated by exposition as well, and a screening room at the top of the building, called ‘Star Trek’ due to its astonishing design. MdO is a former place allocated for the activities of a big company comitee. The CJC is responsible in association with other groups and MdO management for programming films & experimental events in the Star Trek room.

Organisational structure:The CJC (Collectif Jeune Cinema) was created in 1971, and founded again in 1999. Alongside many coops in Paris, CJC is a film cooperative that distributes and disseminates experimental and different cinema. It’s kept alive by its members/ filmmakers, but a small team of people manage it on a day by day basis.

Editorial Line:We mainly program experimental films or films that can be considered “different”.
We try to show a variety of works, going from historical movies from the avant-garde to today’s new media. We usually separate the screenings in two parts: the first part is a preview show of the last films in catalogue, and the second part is curated around one specific theme (e.g. texture, body art, film diary, etc.).

Regularity: We organise a monthly screening on a Friday night.

Other stuff:Once a year, we also organise a festival that takes place in December called “Festival Des Cinémas Différents de Paris”. This year, the 11th edition will be held at the cinema La Clef as well as in Mains d’Oeuvres, our place of residence.
Prisme is a mini-festival event, organised around our revue ‘étoilements’. This revue is a theme-based editorial, printed on paper and sold 2 euro. The last publication thematic was ‘Skins’. During PRISME, readers, publishers, filmmakers, musicians, performers debates and creates live. A screening is also proposed.

Publicity: Flyer, Internet, Mailing lists. We also count on our network between different Frenchcoops based in Paris. Most of the time, the presence of the filmmakers also encourages people to come. We also promote in MdO’s announcements on their network.

Audience: 40 to 80 people per screenings

Funding:The Collectif Jeune Cinema is an alternative film distribution coop’, we share the fee of film rental with the authors by 70% for them and 30% for the coop. Basically this is not sufficient to run the structure. We receive funds from the French Ministry of Culture, the City of Paris, and the Ile-de-france district, mainly for the festival but also for special operation like digitalisation of films. Our employment capability is insured by state support at 70%.

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