Husets Biograf (Copenhagen)

Tel: +45 20 29 70 13
Adress: Magstræde 14, 2.sal, Copenhague
Email: jack.stevenson at
Contact: Jack Stevenson

1 screen, 62 seats

Tech: 35mm, 16mm, DVD

History: Although we consider ourselves a portable 16mm operation and have done shows in various locations in Copenhagen, our home cinema is Husets Biograf in the center of the city. It is part of a “culture house” that contains bars, cafes, concert rooms and live theatre spaces. The building was “squatted” back in the early 70s and there was always a cinema in it. The building, known as “Huset I Magstræde” eventually became a culture house owned by the city, and the previous owner outfitted it with state-of-the-art 35mm projection and sound.

Organisational structure: We are an unofficial association composed of 3 people and do shows sporadically when an interesting film idea presents itself.

Editorial Line: Some of our past shows are outlined on our website. We have had visitors such as Wilhelm Hein, Noel Lawrence, Dennis Nyback, Cory McAbee and have done a series of live music to found films under the banner of “Electron Cinema” and do an annual series of outdoor screenings.

Regularity: Several times a month (Only a few shows are displayed on our website) but there is no firm schedule

Other stuff: All our activities have film as a basis, with a strong and overriding preference for 16mm or 35mm.

Publicity: Through a mailing list and facebook and a loose network of friends & sympathiziers

Audience: Our audience can be quite diverse but it is generally a young audience.

Funding: On rare occasion we get a grant from the city to pay a visiting filmmaker but generally we get no funding and our only source of funding is ticket money.

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