Dokukino (Zagreb)

Adress: Katančićeva 3 / Zagreb 10000 / Croatia
Tel-Fax: +385 1 557 38 60 / +385 91 767 88 26 (I. Kora)
Email: info at / inja at
Contact: Inja Kora

1 screen , 40 armchairs

Tech: Digital Betacam, BetaSP, Dvcam, MiniDV

History: Dokukino Croatia is a unique cinema specializing exclusively for documentary films. It’s located in the center of Zagreb. In the past this was the cult and extremely comfortable cinema with 45 armchairs which was for many years a popular gathering place with filmmakers and filmofila. After two years of inactivity association RESTART and company Croatia film who is owner of the theatre have decided to re-open the hall on 18.6.2009. and to dedicate it exclusively to documentary films.

Organisational structure:Legal owner of the cinema is the company Croatia Film ltd. Film program and complete management is run by the association RESTART. Restart was founded in 2007. Base was educational program for engaged documentary – “Restart Media Center” – founded 2003. and worked as part of other video centres.
Founders are younger film and media experts working on the field of socially engaged documentary, experimental movies and animated films with experience in organization, production and public relations.

Editorial Line: Our intention is to follow the world trends in documentary scene and to bring to the Zagreb audience the latest and most interesting documentary titles. Besides the regular distribution of documentaries by RESTART LABEL and other national or regional producers, the theatre is following regional documentary festival programs and trying to bring the selection (and/or awarded films if possible), shortly after festival finish. We are trying to give greater visibility to local and regional authors.
Part of the program is dedicated to special themes – Women Weekend, Human Rights Weekend… Together with other local festivals we are organizing part of documentary program in Dokukino as well (eg. Zagreb Film Festival).
As much as it is possible, organizing Q&A sessions with guest directors or widening the topic with various experts if director is not present.
With café Cinema Club in front of the theatre, Dokukino is an additional space for educational facilities and documentary workshops. Docushop and small library is planned.
Our goal is to make Dokukino a central gathering place for documentaries in our region.

Regularity: Four days per week

Other stuff: Restart is an organization focused on video production, education, distribution and technical advising in making socially involved videos and documentary films. Our mission is to educate citizens how to make documentary videos and films that will promote activism, human rights and independent culture and help in resolving problems of each local community. Through cooperation with festivals, local NGOs and institutions we help in developing different activist media centers that will present a strong alternative to the mainstream media in Croatia and ex Yugoslavian region.

Publicity: We promote our programs weekly through our media network (daily, weekly and monthly newspapers, web, radio, teletext and TV). We have 5 media sponsors that are obligated to publish commercials, banners and extra news.
Every week we send newsletter, updating Facebook Group ‘I really love documentaries’ and our web page We print out posters for our films (B1, B2) + some for special occasions, printing program leaflets + renting City Light billboards in the city. Occasionally we arrange interviews with the directors or producers of films that are screened at the cinema.

Audience: As we just started (briefly before the summer hollidays), we can’t make average estimation. Basically it is around 20-23 people per screening

Funding: Dokukino is mainly financed on tickets income. Ticket price is 2.75 Euro (20 Croatian Kuna). Other financial sources are mainly coming from the state funds such as Ministry of Culture, HAVC – Croatian audiovisual Centre, Ministry of the Economy and Cultural Department of City Council in Zagreb. We still don’t have commercial sponsors.

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