Cine Fantom (Moscow)

Adress: Currently screenings at Pioner cinema (21 Kutuzovsky prospect / Moscow / Russia)
Tel: +79166401880
Email: cinefantom at
Contact: Lenka Kabankova

2 screens, 84 seats each

Tech: 35mm, HD/2K, DVD, Betacam Digital and Betacam SP.

History: Initially, in the mid 80s, CINE FANTOM was linked to the underground cinematography of the soviet times, the “parallel cinema”, which was existing on a half-legal basis and was banned from the official soviet cinematography. Since the mid 90s CINE FANTOM is a film club, which unites independent cinematographers and experimental artists.

Organisational structure: CINE FANTOM is a non-commercial all-volunteer organization.

Editorial Line: Author’s cinema. Each screening is followed by a discussion (“CINE FANTOM renowned discussions”) held between viewers, directors, actors, film critics etc.

Regularity: Screenings take place once a week: every Wednesday.

Other stuff: Along with regular screenings, every so often, CINE FANTOM arranges master classes of artists, directors, film critics etc. and book presentations.

Publicity: Internet promotion. Promotion in press. CINE FANTOM also runs a weekly newspaper, CINE FANTOM Week.

Audience: Everyone who is interested in cinema. Devoted filmgoers, artists, film school students, directors, film critics, producers etc.

Funding: CINE FANTOM is a non-profit organisation that bases on private donations.

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